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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am a bad bad blogger :)

Hi Everyone,
I have just logged into my blog and realised how long it has been since I last posted! WOW- so I will try to make sure to blog at least once a week again.
So to catch up:
We have moved from Farrell Flat to Lochiel which is AWSOME! We are on a property that is 35acres which we have the use of but we only have to take care of the small garden around the house and the LL does the rest! The house, well it is MASSIVE with 5 bedrooms, 3 lounge rooms, 2 full bathrooms, 2 toilets and a large country eat in kitchen.
So we have 2 bedrooms as offices, one for the PC and postage and one for the cutting and fabric. Once summer is over, we will be having one of the lounge rooms as a studio for teaching which is going to be great- the view from the glass double doors is magic.

We have closed our eBay store becuase it was just costing us too much in fees but we have been running our sales on FaceBook which are doing great . We have regular almost weekly auctions on our Sales Page and our new products are released on our fabrics page- the funhouse is for other things like buttons and threads.

Now that Summer is upon us, my medical issues really kick in, so I will be around less of FB but be assured that I am making lots of cute new kits while I am resting.
So, a big catch up and I hope that I will remember to come back and blog next week.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birch Habby Products soon to be in stock at Craftwerx

Just got approved for an account with Birch Haberdashery and am looking at their huge range to make an order. Is there anything particular that you would like me to look at stocking? I would really appreciate some input.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day SALE 20% OFF

To celebrate the 100th International Womens Day, what better than a FABRIC SALE! So pop over to my store and treat yourself because you deserve it! So take 20% off from Me but only until Midnight tonight!

PS: Discount will automatically be calculated at checkout.
PPS: Payments must be received within 5 days for discount to apply
PPPS: No other discount apply duing this sale.

We own so much to those heroic women who marched and stood up for Women's right to vote, to work, to have careers and yes even get bank loans. It is easy to forget in todays society of mostly equality, just what it was like.

Just imagine, having to get permission from your Dad, Brother or Husband to do just about anything, no matter how old you were?

So be proud that you are a woman today! and remember those who stood up to make it possible!
Have a fantastic Women's Day ladies!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

 Beautiful Quilts from one of my favourite designers. I just love looking through these books! The colours are specitacular!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Name that Cushion and win a Cushion Kit valued at $18


This is my latest cushion pack and it needs a groovy name.
I will be choosing my favourite 3 names on March 10th and making them a poll for you to vote on from March 11th-15th.
The person who's name idea is finally used will receive one of these great cushion kits as a reward valued at $18 plus postage!
Last time we had some great names and it was really hard to choose the final three so I am hoping for some great names to choose from.
PS. You can comment here, on Facebook or email me at

300 Likers 20% off Sale ON NOW

Woo hoo ! In a few short months on FaceBook we have reached 300 likers on our Craftwerx Fabrics page and to celebrate we are having a 20% off storewide sale!
Craftwerx Fabrics
people like this
To claim your discount go to at the items that you want to buy to your cart and then use the code FB300sale05y7 at the checkout to receive 20% the total value of your order until 11.59pm this Saturday 5th March.
You don't have to pay immediately, I am happy to wait up to 10 days for payment by Paypal, Direct Deposit or Mail Order.
All of our huge range of product are available from our store, but things are selling fast!
So if there is something that you can't find, just email me or message me Teesha Morgan on Facebook and I will check stock and relist or backorder it for you -with your discount!
Happy Shopping Everyone and thank you again for your support!
Lot's of new Weekend project patterns and packs are in the works so keep checking the blog for the latest free patterns

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Air Dry Marking Pens

I used to use a chalk pen for all of my marking (which is a lot) and I just kept having to buy more and more chalk and it was annoying having to sharpen the chalk all of the time.
I finally bit the bullet and bought one of these pens that disapear after 24hrs or so and now I am kicking myself that I didn't buy it sooner!
Not only is it great for marking lines to cut but I have also used it to draw out designes to quilt along! My free hand quilting is much better looking now as I can follow line perfectly!
I recommend that every quilter get one of these! It iwll change your quilting life!

Only 11 more new likers needed until we hit 300 and have a 20% of store wide sale!

Be sure to tell you friends to like Craftwerx Fabrics so that we can have a 20% off sale!
The new store is open and as soon as we hit 300 likers I will release the 20% off coupon to use in the store for your discounts.
Our entrie range of Squares, Fat Quarters, Kits & Stash packs will be included in the sale and the code will be valid for 1 week only. So hop on over and make your wish list, so you can grab up your bargains when you get the code!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Central Park by Kate Spain for MODA now in our eBay store

 BUY IT NOW or Try your luck in our AUCTION

Central Park 
  Beautiful new designs from Kate Spain.
Inspired by the sights and sounds Kate encountered while walking through New Yorks Central Park, these hand painted images come together to make one of my favourite collections for the year.
This pack contains a beautiful mixture of the five colour ways in the line, each inspired by a different part of the park.
The orange and yellow colurs are from Meadow, The Green for Lawn, the Pink and mauve from Plaza and finally the blues from Pond.
If you want to make something truely Pretty
this is definately the line to choose!
Now available in our eBay store in 2.5" & 5" Squares packs and 5x9" Stash packs

Big Block Quilt Pattern - What to do with your beautiful Fat Quarter Pack

So your beautiful Fat Quarter pack has arrived in the mail, what do you do with it?

Some of you have a project in mind, but some of you just put it in your stash until you work out what to do with it.

Easy Big Block Quilt

This is a quick and easy quilt for you to make.

Pick 3 fabrics for your blocks and 1 for a border you will also need one of your stash fabrics for the backing or another set of 4 FQs to repeat the quilt top for the backing.

Cut the border FQ into 2" strips.

Cut each of your 3 block FQs into 4 blocks, do this by folding your FQ in half and iron it, now fold your piece in half again and then iron. Now open up your FQ and cut along the creases. Voila! you have your blocks. Repeat this with each of your 3 blocks.

Now arrange your blocks in a pleasing pattern.
I used
1 2 3
2 3 1
3 1 2
1 2 3
Sew your blocks together one row at a time using a .5cm seam allowance and finger press the seams out.

Sew your rows together.
Iron your sewing,

Now place your borders around the edges until you are satisfied with the pacement of joins. Join the fabric strip to make 4 large strips that match the quilt ie top, bottom, left, right.

Begin with the top and pin your border strip to your quilt right sides together, leaving 3" each side of the quilt. Sew.
Repeat with the bottom.
Now do the same for each side.
Finger press out your seams and then iron your work.

Fold back your top and bottom border and pin it across your side borders at right angles.
Pin both sides and make sure that they line up BEFORE you sew(or you will be doing some un-picking)
Once they are lined up, sew them together carefully.
Now iron your quilt top and you have finished the piecing.......... isn't it quick and easy!

Decide what you are going to use for batting whether it be bought or upcycled batting and
cut it to size and either bast or pin it to your top.

If you are a quilt before binder, now it the time to do your quilting.
This simple pattern means that you can do just about any quilting that you like, it will look great with simple in or beside the ditch, stripes or the most complicated quilting pattern that you can imagine!

If you are a bind then quilt then here is the no bind method that we are using for this quilt.

Put your quilt top with the batting attached down face up and then lay your backing piece on top, right sides together.Pin around the edge leaving a 1cm seam allowance but leave the middle of the bottom open about 15cm.

Sew the two sides together securely, you may want to use a double stitch line or an overlocker. REMEMBER to leave that gap at the bottom to turn your quilt through!
Now once you are done, reach inside the gap and very carefully pull your quilt through to turn the whole thing the right side out.
Now all you have to do is carefully sew up the gap, just like a cushion!

Remove and pins and Voila!

Your quilt is done or.... now you can do your quilting depending of whether you did it before or not.

I have some great Fat Quarter bundle in store
in the Fat Quarter Bundles section at the moment that work brilliantly with this pattern, so I have added a few pics of them below.

It seams to be raining over the entire of Australia this weekend, so now you have something to do!

Happy Studio E

Chou Butterflies by Kona Bay

Fandango from Henry Glass and CO

Acorn for Timeless Treasures

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quilting for Queensland- more quilter & knitters needed!

What is Quilting for Queensland?
I started Quilting for Queensland the day after I saw Pictures on the News of the Lokyer Valley.

For me, it was the kids that I saw who have been through so much trauma and who are going to be traumatised again when they finally get home to find everything that is special to them, all their kid stuff- gone or ruined beyond repair.

After some thinking, I started making a kids quilt that I will be sending to Grantham so that at least one child who has lost so much, has something special when they get back home.

I hope that this is the first of many that I will be making.

It is a very simple pattern that I have written and made for my own family made with nice bright fabrics which can be made with or without a name on it.

I know that there are many, many crafty people out there who will feel better about themselves and their contribution simply by sitting in front of the TV sewing a gift for an Aussie Kid who has had a really bad Christmas this year.

So get quilting! Use your favourite bright fabrics and pattern to make the first of many quilts for Queensland! They don't need to be huge full bed size year long projects, just a simple travel or lap quilt of about a meter. Something to say that you care! If you don't have kids fabrics, buy some!
Currently we have distribution points for the 100+ people in Grantham and the Lokyer Valley area affected by the floods & Mission Beach for 60+ people in the Tully area affected by Cyclone Yasi.
There are also people in Victoria, Western Australia & South Australia who are also flood affected who we would like to help but as very do not have the quilters.
Currently we have 16 quilters and 2 knitters but we need lots more!

If you don't have any ideas yourself but would like to make a kids quilt for Queensland, send me an email and I will send you details of the "Quilt for Queensland" pack that I have put together for $30.

Profits from the sales of my Quilt for Queensland packs are donated to the Grantham flood appeal and you will have a wonderful simple quilting project to work on that will make a difference!

So I am sending out a challenge-
Make a Quilt for Queensland!

Who can join Quilting for Queensland?Anyone who would like to join our group is welcome, you can participate by
a) becoming a liker
b) making quilts or blankets to send to people in Qld who need them
c) purchasing fabric for one of the quilters to make a quilt
d) making a donation for one of the quilters to make a quilt
Currently we have distribution points for the 100+ people in Grantham and the Lokyer Valley area affected by the floods & Mission Beach for 60+ people in the Tully area affected by Cyclone Yasi.
There are also people in Victoria, Western Australia & South Australia who are also flood affected who we would like to help but as very do not have the quilters.
Currently we have 16 quilters and 2 knitters but we need lots more!
I look forward to meeting you and seeing your quilts!
PS: We now have been asked to make quilts for elderly residents of the Lokyer Valley as they are suffering and having a hard time coming to terms with their losses.
PPS- If you have ready made quilts that you can send please email me for the address to send them to.
So if you can sew, knitt, crochet, macrame, applique or tatt please join our group!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great Quilt Binding Tips- thanks Laura & Marieka!

Laura from the Quilting for Queensland group posted this link to All People Quilt's Binding tutorial.
Binding Tutorial thanks to All People Quilt
It is easy to follow and has a few trick of the trade to make binding that little bit easier.

Marieka also a QFQ member from Bespoke Bites has also given me a great "No Bind" way of finishing quilts that still looks AWSOME.
It is basically to sew the wrong sides together like you would a cushion and leave a gap to turn your quilt through and then just sew up the gap.
The quilt look great and you get away with hours less work.

And for those who don't know what Quilting for Queensland is, we are a group of quilters, knitters & crochetters who are making beautiful quilts for kids and older people from Grantham & the greater Lokyer valley in Queensland who have lost everything in the floods. We have now added Tully and other towns greatly affected by the cyclone.
The quilts are currenlt going directly to Grantham to be distributed by a local volunteer in the town.
If you would like to join in please go to
Quilting for Queensland Group on Facebook
if you are not on Facebook, please let me know and I will create an area here on the blog too.

Cheers for now,
Happy Quilting

Friday, February 11, 2011

Join our new FQ Clubs now !

If you love fabric, we have a FQ club for you!
There is nothing like checking your mail to find a parcel just for you.

The feeling is wonderful and even better when you open it up to find beautiful fabric in the latest colours and designs, coordinated and ready for you to get on with sewing!

When you join our Rockstar FQ clubs not only do you receive a parcel full of FQs each and every month for 12 months with the cost billed to your Paypal account but you also get a 10% discount in the store, a monthly tips and trick newsletter and regular discount vouchers!

Our first bundles will be going out on March 18th so you have plenty of time to join and enjoy the anticipation of your parcel!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Giant lot of New fabrics just arrived- In store soon!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick note to let you know that a giant lot of georgous new fabrics has arrived and I will be listing them inour eBay store over the next few days!
So keep checking as there are limited numbers, prices will be great and these will go quickly!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

You can now follow this blog on Facebook & Twitter

Thanks to the work of my DH you can now follow this blog on Facebook and twitter.