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Craftwerx Studio Fabric Funhouse

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day SALE 20% OFF

To celebrate the 100th International Womens Day, what better than a FABRIC SALE! So pop over to my store and treat yourself because you deserve it! So take 20% off from Me but only until Midnight tonight!

PS: Discount will automatically be calculated at checkout.
PPS: Payments must be received within 5 days for discount to apply
PPPS: No other discount apply duing this sale.

We own so much to those heroic women who marched and stood up for Women's right to vote, to work, to have careers and yes even get bank loans. It is easy to forget in todays society of mostly equality, just what it was like.

Just imagine, having to get permission from your Dad, Brother or Husband to do just about anything, no matter how old you were?

So be proud that you are a woman today! and remember those who stood up to make it possible!
Have a fantastic Women's Day ladies!


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