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Friday, February 18, 2011

Big Block Quilt Pattern - What to do with your beautiful Fat Quarter Pack

So your beautiful Fat Quarter pack has arrived in the mail, what do you do with it?

Some of you have a project in mind, but some of you just put it in your stash until you work out what to do with it.

Easy Big Block Quilt

This is a quick and easy quilt for you to make.

Pick 3 fabrics for your blocks and 1 for a border you will also need one of your stash fabrics for the backing or another set of 4 FQs to repeat the quilt top for the backing.

Cut the border FQ into 2" strips.

Cut each of your 3 block FQs into 4 blocks, do this by folding your FQ in half and iron it, now fold your piece in half again and then iron. Now open up your FQ and cut along the creases. Voila! you have your blocks. Repeat this with each of your 3 blocks.

Now arrange your blocks in a pleasing pattern.
I used
1 2 3
2 3 1
3 1 2
1 2 3
Sew your blocks together one row at a time using a .5cm seam allowance and finger press the seams out.

Sew your rows together.
Iron your sewing,

Now place your borders around the edges until you are satisfied with the pacement of joins. Join the fabric strip to make 4 large strips that match the quilt ie top, bottom, left, right.

Begin with the top and pin your border strip to your quilt right sides together, leaving 3" each side of the quilt. Sew.
Repeat with the bottom.
Now do the same for each side.
Finger press out your seams and then iron your work.

Fold back your top and bottom border and pin it across your side borders at right angles.
Pin both sides and make sure that they line up BEFORE you sew(or you will be doing some un-picking)
Once they are lined up, sew them together carefully.
Now iron your quilt top and you have finished the piecing.......... isn't it quick and easy!

Decide what you are going to use for batting whether it be bought or upcycled batting and
cut it to size and either bast or pin it to your top.

If you are a quilt before binder, now it the time to do your quilting.
This simple pattern means that you can do just about any quilting that you like, it will look great with simple in or beside the ditch, stripes or the most complicated quilting pattern that you can imagine!

If you are a bind then quilt then here is the no bind method that we are using for this quilt.

Put your quilt top with the batting attached down face up and then lay your backing piece on top, right sides together.Pin around the edge leaving a 1cm seam allowance but leave the middle of the bottom open about 15cm.

Sew the two sides together securely, you may want to use a double stitch line or an overlocker. REMEMBER to leave that gap at the bottom to turn your quilt through!
Now once you are done, reach inside the gap and very carefully pull your quilt through to turn the whole thing the right side out.
Now all you have to do is carefully sew up the gap, just like a cushion!

Remove and pins and Voila!

Your quilt is done or.... now you can do your quilting depending of whether you did it before or not.

I have some great Fat Quarter bundle in store
in the Fat Quarter Bundles section at the moment that work brilliantly with this pattern, so I have added a few pics of them below.

It seams to be raining over the entire of Australia this weekend, so now you have something to do!

Happy Studio E

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