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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quilted Headband Pattern Pt1

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Free Quilted Headband Pattern Pt1
As promised, here is the pattern for my headbands. As there is a lot to type, I am going to type this over a few different posts.
This pattern is made using 2x 1" strips and 1x 2" strips but there are many variations including using 17 x 2.5" squares, 1 x 2.5" strip and 5 x 1/2" strips.
All Headband kits bought from my eBay store will include the appropriate instructions as well as all of the bits and pieces needed to make the project. Each headband takes about 3 hours to complete including the embroidery so they are a great project for on the bus, in the car or waiting for the kids at sport!
So on to the pattern!

Completed 3 strip quilted and embroidered headband.

Items needed to make the headband:
2 x 1" & 1 x 2"  strip of 22" cotton quilting fabric
1 x 5" strip of 22" cotton towelling or quilt batting
1 x 4" strip of backing fabric about 17" more for larger band
Sewing cotton & needle
3m embroidery floss in colour 1 for border
1m  embroidery floss in colour 2 for crosses
2m embroidery floss in colour 3 for wave
Large eye embroidery needle.
Embroidery hoop  (optional)
20cm 1/2" elastic

Step 1 - Sew the fabrics together

Using sewing cotton sew your strips together horizontally to make the base of the from for the headband making sure to use a good 1/4" seam. The order is 1", 2", 1". It is best to finger press open your seams at this point and steam press the fabric to make it easier to sew your embroidery later.
You should now have one fairly even rectangle or fabric, now cut a 4" section from one end and reserve this for later.

Step 2 - Add the batting- I use towelling, for a cool head in summer I dip it in water before wearing!

Lay down the towelling(or batting) and  place your fabric right side up in the centre as pictured above.
Pin through the middle to secure in place while you work.

Now turn over your work so that it is toweling side up and fold the towelling over itself towards the centre to form the padding like in the picture above.

Step 3 Start Sewing it together

Using the embroidery thread that you have for colour 1 and a big eye embroidery needle, sew right through all of the layers from the front using a stem stitch about 1/4" long along the seam line on either side.

Sew the length of your fabric beginning 1" from the start of the fabric and finishing 1" before the end. Finish with a couple of back stitches. Use the picture above to guide you.

Step 4 - Adding the edging- now it's taking shape!

Fold a hem of fabric over one edge of your toweling and pin.

Sew another line as before, making 2 lines on either side as pictured above.

Repeat with the other side until your piece looks like the picture above.

Step 5 - Personalising your headband....Make it FUNKY

Using colour 2 (for this one I used half yellow and half metallic blue, 3 strand of each) embroidery thread and your big eye sew a pattern on your headband. I used a wave and did it freehand but if that is too scary you can draw it in chalk first or print out a pattern on your computer and sew through the paper to give a clean line.
Make sure that you sew through all the layers for a comfy and good looking head band. Use an embroidery hoop if you like. But most of all, HAVE FUN!

Using colour 3 ( I used lavender with metallic gold, 3 strands of each.

Step 6- Trim

Trim each end to a blunt point as pictured above.

And that is the end of part 1--- stay tuned for part 2

mmmm off to eat the lamb roast my yummy hubby just made me.... bye for now Teesha

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