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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quilted Headband Pattern Pt 2

©2010, Craftwerxstudio. This pattern courtesy of

So if you have made the headband up to the end of part 1 you should have a piece that looks like the picture with blunt points at either end and backing fabric sewn in place.

Now we are up to Step 7 - making the elastic sheath.

For this you can use a 2inch wide or 2 x 1inch wide strips of fabric. To get the length measure your head where the headband will go and deduct the length of the quilted piece. Now add 1 inch.
Cut your fabric to this length and then fold or place right sides together and sew with a scant seem to make a tube.
Once the tube is finished carefully turn it the right way out. Everyone has their own way to do this, I personally use a knitting needle and scissors.

Step 8 - add the elastic
I use a 1/2 inch elastic as I find it more comfortable but it is up to you. You don't need very much, about 5 inches or so.
To get the correct amount hold the elastic to one end of your tube and stretch it until you reach the end of the tube, now cut the elastic and let it go- that is the right amount.

To get the elastic inside of the tube, attach a safety pin to one end and feed it into the tube. Once the end of the elastic is just about to disappear into the tube, grab it!- if you missed just start again. Once you have the elastic level meets the beginning of the tube, sew it in place to hold and then poke it into the blunt point on the end of the quilted piece and sew in place firmly( don't worry about it looking messy as this will be covered later- the important thing is that it will hold)

Now feed the safety pin through to the end of the tube, remove the safety pin and sew the elastic in place as with the other side.

Your headband should now look like this picture

Step 9 - Final step - covering the working.

This is where the piece of fabric that we set aside earlier comes into play. Cut the piece in half widthwise to make 2 rectsngles.

Now place the fabric right sides together as show in the picture and sew, now flip the fabric, tuck a hem and cover your working, sew in place. 

Finally tuck the sides with a hem and stitch in place covering all of your working.

I know this is fiddly but really worth it for a professional finish.

Repeat with the other side and VOILA! you have made your first headband!

I will have kits in the store over the next week with fabric, towelling, thread, floss, needles & elastic for 1 or 3 headbands. Prices should be $10-15 depending on the fabric & number of bands in the kit.
 As always our kits are neatly tied with a ribbon and great for gift giving!

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