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Friday, September 24, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Hi Everyone,

I have been sick for the last few days, which means heaps of time to think and have new ideas. 
Looking through catalogues all I see are Christmas present ideas, most of which will be cool on the day and then never used again- what a colossal waste of money.
This made me think of quilting kits that are cool on the day AND give hours of enjoyment once the fuss of Christmas is over.
One idea that me came to me was the puzzle quilt. 
As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am into quick gratification and long complex project hold my excitement for a while but never get finished. That is why most of my quilting kits are weekend projects for cushions. 
Sure you can get 4 kits and make a cool lap quilt if you want to.. I have designed them so that several kits work together to make a bigger quilt as i am a fan of "quilt as you go"(basically make each block start to finish including batting and quilting and then so each block together as they are finished) I love it because it is really easy and means you can take your project anywhere, it is always small and can be finished in a few days. 
Then when you have made say, four cushion blocks, you can sew them together into a cool lap quilt and it doesn't feel like it will never be done!
 Sorry I went off on a tangent! I do that :(
Anyways back to the puzzle quilt that I was talking about- 
my first kits will be SUDOKU puzzles that once you solve give you a cool quilt pattern.
I thought that SUDOKU was a perfect puzzle for a quilt as it is basically a series of 9 square blocks.
I know that I am not the first person to think of this as there are a couple of books on the market but I am not sure if any kits are out there yet. I think that I will make and easy kit for around $30 that has one easy puzzle and 4 inch squares to make a lap quilt as well as some harder kits for $50+ with four harder puzzles and 2.5 inch squares that fit together into a lap quilt.
The fabrics arrived today so over the next few days I will be putting the quilt kits together.
I am using nice everyday fabrics rather than the seasonal ones even thought they are designed as Christmas gifts, I think that it will make them easier to keep enthusiastic about once Christmas is over.
I really would like some input on the idea and the price points and will put up some photos of the fabrics as soon as I can.

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In my next post I will talk about headband kits that I have been working and our new monthly competition where you can win a free squares pack!

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