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Craftwerx Studio Fabric Funhouse

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Windmills in the Garden Quilt- the next step.

The next step in my Windmills in the Garden quilt was to add the die cut shapes. Before sewing them onto the block, I added som embroidery and as I wanted a slightly 3d effect, I also put some batting on the back of them before embroidering.  I use pre cut die cut pieces but you can also make your own by prining out clip art and then cutting the fabric with it to make a shape.  Once I was happy with the die cuts, I then used the sewing machine on zig zag stitch to sew them onto the blocks. I also varied the thread and intensity or width of the zig zag depending on the die cut size.  The next step is to add sashing, I wasn't going to originally but as part of the organic quilting process, it became apparent that it would look good as the quilt progressed.  Until next time..

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