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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I swear there is just not enough "usable time" in the day for me atm. But here I am posting after another long dry spell.
I have been busy making dollies and have even sold a few on

here are some of my new ones.

triplets waiting at the hairdressers

Beautiful ballerina with my new style of gorgous long hair which takes 3 hours to put in!

such a little cutie- this is one of my new tuttus with glimmer and sparkle tulle and a ribbon tie up , so you get a lovely bow at the back

So many people want skulls but I want my dolls to be pretty- so pretty and skully :)

Lara is my first doll to have long loose hair(takes a long time to do but so worth it!) she is not even close to finished as she will be a "Look at me" but this is a new dress pattern that I have created "Indian Princess meets Pinup girl" I have ordered the fabric in several colours that will arrive in a few weeks so look forward to a few of these dresses.

I love Abby- she was inspired by Abby on NCIS and she is a groovy "Look at me"

Luc just looks like she is going to run up and hug you! Just a cutie pie!

This is Sid the first of my new boy doll range. I hope to have a few for sale at my next market night.
I wanted to make a masculine looking boy doll as I just felt that most looked a bit girly. So I hope he is cool to boys too!

Heidi is a cute little "Play with me" doll with hair made from Australian hand spun Merino wool. Her hair can be worn up as in this picture or in pigtails. She has lovely hazel eyes and a cute smile.

Things have been a bit quiet on too as I got a bit disheartened after the last sale when over 50% of the buyers didn't pay- it's such a waste of time when that happens. I don't understand why people buy things if they know that they can't pay for them and it stops other people who can pay being able to buy. But anyways, I plan to have another sale in the next few weeks to clear out some fabir cbefore we move the craftroom to the new studio room(can't wait) which has a great view, sun most of the day and a slow combustion stove too!

I have also found a wonderful friend in Sarah who started off as a customer of only a couple of months ago and lives in Snowtown which is really the closest town to us here in Lochiel. Sarah now visits at least once a week and love to help out with orders(she thinks it's great fun playing in all the fabric). We really are a great influence on each other too- she stimulates my creative flair and I have encouraged her to make a range of different things for her store she make sParrot Tents- she is a parrot nut! Loves them to pieces and her house is full of cheecky birds! plus she has now started her own range of character dolls which are too groovy!

Anyways, enough for me, time to go have a rest- silly body is not my friend right now!
Hope you are all well!
Cheers, Teesha

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